A keylogger for Linux that really works!

A keylogger is a hardware device or software program that quietly records each and every keyboard inputs (keystrokes) that user makes. you might want to know if someone was using your computer while you were away and see what activities they were doing. keyloggers can be used by hackers to record Username, Passwords, Credit card details and every key input.

Here, logkeys is an advanced keylogger software only for GNU/Linux systems. It logs all character and function keys and stores them in a log file. It can be controlled through the linux terminal.

Steps to install and use logkeys-

1. Open the Terminal by pressing ctrl+alt+T and hit this command to install keylogs

sudo apt-get install logkeys

2. next enter this one 

touch filename.log
this will create a filename.log file in you home folder in which all the keystrokes will be recorded. you can enter any name of you choice instead of ‘filename‘. 

3. now enter the following command

sudo logkeys --start --output filename.log

this will start the application and save the keystrokes to the filename.log

4. To view the filename.log file you first need to stop the application with the following command

sudo logkeys  --kill

5. and finally read the keystrokes recorded with logkeys 

cat filename.log

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