Popular & Easy to learn Web Frameworks in 2020

Hi, guys today we are going to take a look at the some of the easiest yet popular & powerful web application frameworks you should learn in the year 2020.

Web frameworks make developing websites easier and systematic. They follow a pattern (like Model-View-Controller – MVC) which makes code more readable by dividing the code into different sections. They make your site deployment ready, provide security and much more.

We are going to see frameworks for both back-end and front-end development.

1. Flask

Flask is a micro web framework built to use with Python programming language. It is used for back-end web development. By micro flask means that It keeps its core simple but it has extensions for database integration, form validation, authentication and other functionalities. With a little knowledge of python you can start developing web applications using flask.

2. Vue Js

Vue js is a lightweight front-end framework used to develop Single-page applications. so don’t compare it with any back-end frameworks. It is easiest to learn if compared to big players like Angular and ReactJs. It is developed by Evan You, an ex-Google employee. while working with Google on AngularJs Evan thought to take the best things he liked about AngularJs and make a lightweight framework.

VueJs application can be simply written within html script tags by importing vuejs library through cdn or using the vue-cli if project is quite large. For beginners its recommended to use vuejs with script tags.

I personally prefer VueJs over all other front-end frameworks out there. Its currently 2nd most popular after React Js.

3. Django

Now coming back to back-end frameworks. Django is a full stack Python web framework. Compared to flask its learning curve is higher. It supports Database, Form validation, authentication in its core library. Django has support for Object Relation Mapping (ORM) which makes database operations very simple. another cool feature I like about django is the Admin site they provide to manage all your database tables.

Django also has a package called Django REST Framework to create REST endpoints.

So overall Django is much more powerful and feature packed compared to flask but also a bit more complex than flask. to learn Django some knowledge about Python will be sufficient.

4. Spring Boot

Spring Boot is a Java framework. Specially designed for making micro services. If you are looking for a Java web framework then Spring Boot is your best option right now. Spring Boot has all configuration already done and you are just required to write as little code as possible.

If compared with Flask and Django, it is more complex to learn.


For front end web framework you should definitely go with vue js.

For back end try flask, if it does not full-fill your needs go for django. If you are a Java guy then definitely go for Spring Boot.

Which Web framework do you prefer?

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