Some Useful Tmux Shortcuts and Cheatsheet

Tmux is a terminal multiplexer. it’s can be used to create several window panes. Create sessions and much more.
Tmux is particularly very useful on remote terminals, I like to use Vim as a text-editor with Tmux.

Open Tmux



Sessions are the most useful feature of Tmux

Create a new Session

tmux new -s newname

Detach the Session

<prefix> d 

default prefix is ctrl + b

attach the session

tmux a -t newname

list sessions

tmux ls

Kill session

tmux kill-session -t newname


Split Vertically

<prefix> %

Split Horizontally

<prefix> "

Kill Pane

<prefix> x


<ctrl + d>

Zoom Pane

<prefix> z

unzoom with the same above command.

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