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Nov 8, 2016

Connect Filezilla with Amazon EC2 Ubuntu Server

Nov 8, 2016
In this quick guide we will learn how to connect to your amazon aws ec2 ubuntu server using a FTP client like Filezilla.

1. first make sure filezilla is installed
sudo apt-get install filezilla

2. open up filezilla and navigate to Edit->Settings menu and select SFTP option there. Click on the Add key File... button, then select your .pem key file. It will ask to convert it to .ppk, do so.. then click on OK.

3. Now, on the main window, enter the following information.

Host : Your Server's Ip or Your Public DNS
Username : ubuntu
Port: 22 

like shown below in the image

then click on Quickconnect.

Now wait a few seconds... Done!

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