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Jun 12, 2016

How To Create Torrent Files & Seed/Share Them Using Transmission on Linux/Mac

Jun 12, 2016
You would have downloaded files via torrent many times but have you ever uploaded one?

I am using Ubuntu but the process will be same for any Linux distro or Mac OS

Let's get started, first open up Transmission and follow these steps.

Step 1: goto file menu and select New.. or just hit Ctrl + N

Step 2: A dialog will open up

give a location where the .torrent file will be downloaded (Desktop in my case)

and browse and select the Source Folder/File which you wanna seed.

In Trackers section you can provide some tracker urls from OpenBitTorrent

Finally Click on New Button at the bottom.

another dialog opens up

Click on Add.

the .torrent file has been created at the specified location (Desktop).
now open your .torrent file in transmission and start seeding.

Step 3: Finally goto your favorite torrent site and upload the .torrent file so that people can download it from there.

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