How to format a Pendrive in ubuntu using terminal or Disks app

There are times when your pendrive is full and you want to format it to empty it at once or maybe some files are not getting deleted. There are two ways to do it, First, using the command line (terminal) and Second using Disk utiltiy application. I ‘ll show you both of them, then you decide which one suits you.

Via Command line (Terminal)

1. Insert your pendrive and wait for your system to detect it.

2. Open the Terminal (ctrl+alt+t) and enter the following command


this command stands for disk filesystem, it views available and used disk space usage of the filesystems. Find your pendrive in the list and note its filesystem. in this example my pendrive is named ‘KREATOR’ and its filesystem is /dev/sdb1

3. Enter this command to unmount your pendrive.

umount /dev/sdb1

4. And finally enter this command

sudo mkfs.vfat -n 'KREATOR' -I /dev/sdb1


now, lets understand this command

mkfs is used to make linux filsystem on a device

vfat means format the device to FAT32 format

-n sets the label/name of the filesystem of the device. Here i have kept it ‘KREATOR’, you can give
your desired name.

-I  is for fixed disk devices to be partitioned.

Via Disks App

1. Open the dash (press windows/super key) and search ‘disks’ and open it.

2. Then choose your usb drive at the left panel. then click on the little gears icon and select format

3. A dialog will open. put your desired name and click format

wait for a few seconds…Done!

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