How to Comment and Uncomment Multiple Lines in Vim

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There are several ways you can comment and uncomment a range of lines in vim editor.


Method I (easiest)

Step 1: Make sure your are in command mode by pressing Esc key

Step2: Move your cusor to the start of the starting line of the block that you want to comment out
press Ctrl + v for visual mode and now press the press down arrow key to select till the last line you wanna comment.

Step 3: Press upper case I (shift + i)
and type # or // for commenting depending on the programming language.
and finally press Esc key

wait a sec and it's done!

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Best command-line Password Manager for Linux/ubuntu - kpcli

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kpcli is a command line password manager for linux/unix. We can store login credential of various accounts in a databases and access the database with a master password. All kpcli commands  are almost same as linux commands, so it will be nice if you are familiar with them already. kpcli database file can work with keepassx (gui) and vice versa.

Let's quickly go through this tutorial to see how to install and use it.

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How to install and run Juypter/Ipython Notebook in Ubuntu/Debian/Linux Mint

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Jupyter is a an opensource webapp that allows you to make documents containing live code which can be compiled within the Jupyter notebook itself. It supports over 40 programming languages like python, Ruby...

Earlier Jupyter was knows as Ipython Notebook.

It is widely used by the scientific community and teachers.

You can also run online Jupyter without installing it from


you can install Jupyter via conda or pip.

1. Using Anaconda
First, make sure Anaconda is installed.
conda install jupyter

2. Using Pip or pip3
First, make sure you have pip or pip3 installed. (sudo apt-get install python-pip)

pip install jupyter
pip3 install jupyter

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How to install Anaconda (conda) in Ubuntu/Linux

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Anaconda is a packaging tool and installer.

The main difference between Anaconda and pip is that anaconda works for python and also non-python packages where as pip is only for python packages.

1.Download anaconda

For Python 2.7
64 bit
32 bit
For Python 3.5
64 bit
32 bit

2. Install anaconda


3. Verify if conda was installed

conda --version
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How to Install Antlr4 in Ubuntu/Linux

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Antlr is a parser generator written in Java.

Execute these commands to download atlr .jar file in /usr/local/lib directory

cd /usr/local/lib
curl -O

add antlr4 to your class path.

export CLASSPATH=".:/usr/local/lib/antlr-4.5-complete.jar:$CLASSPATH"

create alias

alias antlr4='java -Xmx500M -cp "/usr/local/lib/antlr-4.5-complete.jar:$CLASSPATH" org.antlr.v4.Tool'
alias grun='java org.antlr.v4.runtime.misc.TestRig'
Test installation

java org.antlr.v4.Tool

ANTLR Parser Generator  Version 4.5
 -o ___              specify output directory where all output is generated
 -lib ___            specify location of grammars, tokens files
 -atn                generate rule augmented transition network diagrams

The above 3 commands (one export and two alias commands) needs to be run every time you start a new terminal. To solve this problem put the three commands in your .bashrc file like shown below.

Open the.bashrc file in any text editor
gedit ~/.bashrc

and add the three commands at the bottom of the file, Like shown in the image below

Note: bashrc is a script file that automatically executes whenever a new terminal is opened.
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